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image04Sri Lanka is one of the best places in the world watch birds. Sri Lanka is truly a paradise for birds, especially around the bird sanctuaries and wetland reserves in the south east of the island.

The amazing abundance of over 400 varieties of birds in Sri Lanka is attributable to the tropical Climate and wide range of natural habitats, from mountains to lowlands to dry plains and lush forests.

On a point of academic argument, there are either 26 or 23 endemic species in Sri Lanka, largely confined to the rainforests of the hill zone.

Bird watching in Sri Lanka will entice many bird enthusiasts. With over 56 species of birds endogenous to Sri Lanka, found on the rivers, hill country, rainforest and by the coast, it is a twitches’ paradise.

There are many Diversity birds are in all around CIC farm.

About 52 birds. Some of them are seasonal birds






  • Spot Billed Pelican

  • Yellow Bittern

  • Lesser Whistling Duck

  • Indian Peafowl

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