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image12Experience the rich diversity of wildlife and nature in Sri Lanka with an enjoyable half day jeep safari at many national parks and wildlife reserves. A wide variety of animals can be seen up close such as the world’s largest population of leopards, elephants, monkeys and bears. Natural habitats range from grassy open plains, jungle and wetlands and offer unmisable photo opportunity,

An elephant back safari is not just a ride on the largest animal in Sri Lanka, it’s an unforgettable experience where clients get to interact with the elephants as well as enjoy a ride through wilderness areas and beautiful lakeside scenery.

Elephant back safaris in Sri Lanka are one of the newest and most thrilling safari experiences in Sri Lanka. These safaris not only make it possible to view wildlife from the back of an elephant, but perhaps more importantly, provide the unique opportunity to share a day in the life of the elephant.

You Can Get This Opportunity to dialing 20. What do you want; we can arrange it for you.

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