Distance - 94Km

Of all the early cities and capitals that Lanka boasted, Anuradhapura was without doubt the finest and most renowned. At the time when many countries of the world, whose culture was at infancy, here was a classical city in which flourished the arts, the humanities, hydraulic technology and civilization and of course the Buddhism.

This was no ephemeral civilization for it endured a glorious history, having served as the capital for 1,400 years before its fall due to South Indian invaders- the Chola.

The history of the area, which really changed the destination of the country, dates back to 400 BC with the advent of Prince Vijaya, the half-legendary founder of the Sinhalese race and his followers of 700 men from Eastern Indian city Kalinga, when he was banished.

He landed in the North-western coast of Sri Lanka in the vicinity of Anuradhapura.

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