Distance - 15 Km

The second capital of medieval Sri Lanka.

Polonnaruwawas Sri Lanka’s medieval capital between the 11th and the 13th centuries is located 15 Km from Agri Holiday Resort. This ancient city was enclosed within 03 concentric walls to protect against the South Indian Chola invaders, after chasing them off by the Sihalese King Vijayabahu the 1st in the 10th century AD. This ancient city contained royal palaces, bathing ponds, monasteries and sacred architecture such as dagobas and image houses.

Its grandeur was largely the creation of three Kings, the warrior King Vijayabahu the 1st, Parakramabahu a great tank builder and Nissanka Malla, although the last mentioned emptied the coffers in beautifying the city and to create a name that would remain in the History of Sri Lanka. Although some of these edifices are in ruins, they are fairly preserved to date.

The Parakkrama Samudra tank built by Parakramabahu with a 14 mile long bund is the major source of water for the present day irrigation purposes of the area. This tank is an ideal destination for birders with large flocks of Cormorants, Pelicans and raptors.

Tank is also well stocked with fresh water fish, as well. This kingdom lasted for nearly 2 centuries before it fell again to the Chola invaders. Forcing the Sinhalese to shift the capital again to Kurunegala, a city located west of Polonnaruwa.

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