Distance - 38Km

This enormous 600-foot high rock, today considered being the 8th wonder of the world, possibly received its name after it became the seat of an ancient Sinhalese King. The Sigiriya or the Lion Rock probably derived its name from the huge couchant lion through whose throat one entered upon the final ascent.

The history testifies that Kasyapa 1, in the 7ear 477 AD, after slaying his father King Dhatusena ruled the country for 18 years making his fortress on this rock and finally committed suicide when his troops deserted him on the field of battle, when he encountered his half brother Moggallana.

It is believed that Kasyapa built Sigiriya ‘like another Alakamanda’, the celestial abode of Kuvera, God of wealth, in accordance with the description of Alakamanda in classical literature. The rock of Sigiriya was inaccessible when Kasyapa started to build on it.

A large labor force would have been used and also it taken 7 years to complete the work, before Kasyapa could occupy Sigiriya.

The long rising gallery led up to the rock face which was shaped in the form of a lion made of bricks is visible for miles. The rock is enclosed on three sides by a rampart with a protective moat.To the south-east is a tank

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